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Wholesale Packaging

Our Goal

CoRR’s goal is for produce, poultry, and seafood to be transported to grocers and restaurants in recyclable wholesale transfer packaging.

Poultry, meats, seafood, and produce are typically shipped to restaurants and grocery stores in a type of corrugated box which contains a wax moisture barrier that renders it un-recyclable, resulting in 1.47 million tons of waxed corrugated boxes discarded in the US each year.[1] If designed for recycling and recycled, use of recyclable boxes in place of paraffin-coated packaging yields a greenhouse gas savings of 4.5 million mtCO2e, equivalent to eliminating an entire coal-fired power plant.[2]



Corrugated RecyclesThere are new coatings and boxes certified as recyclable by the Fibre Box Association. With recyclable coated boxes, restaurateurs and grocers don’t have to hide wax boxes in the corrugated bale or pay money for them to be hauled away. Many retailers such as Wal-Mart and Albertsons are already doing just that, and are experiencing great results in both box performance and cost savings.


Upcoming Trials

Global Green will be continuing our recyclable box pilot series, in which a variety of produce and seafood products will be transported from their packing locations to a retail location in recyclable packaging. The trials will be publicized to raise awareness regarding the relative benefits of recyclable packaging compared to non-recyclable alternatives. All CoRR members with FBA-certified recyclable wholesale packaging are invited to participate. For more information about the program, please click here. To find out how to have your product included in the trial, please contact Lily Kelly at 415-697-0399 or lkelly[at]

Success Stories

Greener Recyclable Cabbage Boxes Succeed After 750-Mile Journey

Global Green worked with one of the nation’s largest grocers to test recyclable boxes that could be used by their suppliers across the country. The grocer operates over 1,300 locations, so if they decide to switch to 100% recyclable packaging that would make a tremendous impact. CoRR members Green Bay Packaging and Interstate Container provided several pallets of samples of recyclable cabbage boxes to the cabbage packing facility in Moultrie, Georgia, where the cabbage was packed and shipped successfully to St. Louis. Read More.

Greener Packaging for Boston: Global Green USA and NAFCO Successfully Test Recyclable Seafood Boxes

Global Green USA, building on previous successful recyclable packaging tests, came to the heart of New England for the next installment of the pilot series. With the help of a grocer and one of their primary seafood suppliers, Global Green USA documented the ice-packing of water-resistant, recyclable boxes made by Cascades and Interstate Container and shipped to a location in Boston, just in time for the last day of the Boston Seafood Expo on March 18th. As the boxes were unloaded, all present confirmed that they had performed well, indicating that future shipments could also be sent in the strong, water-resistant, recyclable packaging. Read More.

4 Years Later: Recyclable Boxes Still Saving Money & Reducing Emissions

In 2010, Global Green USA's Coalition for Resource Recovery (CoRR) worked to pilot and document the use of recyclable corrugated boxes made by CoRR member Interstate Container and used by Mountaire Farms, a poultry producer that operates the largest poultry processing facility in North America. The process led to the conversion of the facility to 100% corrugated packaging in 2010, which helped inspire others to follow suit in subsequent years. Since 2010, Mountaire Farms has also converted their other two processing facilities over to recyclable corrugated containers. Read more.

Green Packaging in the Big Easy: Global Green USA's Coalition for Resource Recovery Tests Recyclable Seafood Boxes

New Orleans seafood is going green. Global Green USA’s Coalition for Resource Recovery (CoRR) joined forces this past week with the New Orleans Fish House to test recyclable coated corrugated boxes as methods of transporting locally caught seafood. These innovative boxes, made by CoRR members Cascades Industrial Packaging and Interstate Container, are designed to be recyclable, unlike the paraffin-coated packaging typically used, and also withstand the icy seafood packing process. Read More.

Video Released Detailing Results of 2012 Recyclable Box Pilots in CA and NJ

Global Green USA released a video detailing the promising results of their 2012 pilots to test recyclable produce boxes that are designed to withstand wet cooling processes.For the pilots, Global Green USA teamed up with members of CoRR to test alternatives to paraffin-coated produce boxes, which cannot be recycled and are a contaminant within bales of uncoated cardboard. Boxes were tested with a variety of wet cooling processes in California and New Jersey and the results show that many box products with recyclable coatings are robust enough to withstand vacuum cooling, hydro-vac, and some hydro-cooling processes.

Global Green USA Kicks Off Pilot Series in Santa Cruz, California

In April 2012, recyclable produce box trials commenced in honor of Earth Day at New Leaf Community Market’s flagship store in Santa Cruz, California. The event took place in the heart of a major farming region for leafy greens, which are commonly packed in unrecyclable boxes. The produce was provided by local farm Lakeside Organic Gardens, and the latest in commercially available Fibre Box Association certified recyclable boxes were supplied by members of Global Green USA’s Coalition for Resource Recovery (CoRR), Green Bay Packaging and Interstate Container. Read More.

Mountaire Farms & Interstate Container Convert Largest US Poultry Plant to Recyclable, Wax-Alternative Boxes

In 2009, founder’s circle member, Interstate Container, and its business partner, Mountaire, announced its plans to conduct field trials on boxes used to ship poultry through wholesale channels. Interstate and Mountaire Farms conducted multiple trials on boxes shipped through Hunt’s Point. Trials began pallet by pallet through Hunt’s Point’s harsh conditions and progressed to the truck load, and more recently a two week test shipping where Mountaire product shipped solely in the FBA-certified recyclable and compostable boxes.

If all of the newly designed boxes were recycled, the greenhouse gas benefit from source reduction and recycling the boxes would be 100,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually. In addition, the switch from ice-packed poultry to modified atmosphere packaging is estimated to save millions of gallons of water annually. Combined, these innovations also improve efficiency, streamline operations, and provide a safer work environment.


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