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Our Goal

CoRR’s goal is to work with carpet manufacturers, removers, sorting distributors, recyclers, and material end product consumers to to increase carpet take back locally in New York City, through siting a new carpet take back facility in the New York City Metro Region.

Over 100 million yards, or approximately a billion pounds of spent carpet is annually removed in New York City and the surrounding region.Currently, non-reclaimed or recycled carpet is diverted to landfills that are at an average distance of over 400 miles, or are burned in regional incinerators.


Capturing spent carpet within a short distance of its removal and submitting it to proven deconstruction, separation, cleaning and recycling application technologies in a central location with truck and barge access will eliminate a shipping distance involving two to four transfers and lost transit time, pipeline inventories, and an inequitable cost- equivalent-to-value ratio. There are more than a dozen logical sites for establishing a carpet recycling facility within New York City. A typical location under study is the Brooklyn Navy Yard, where Building 128 is slated for tenant refurbishing utilizing State and City grant funds totaling $17 million, with the BNY targeting “green” light industry opportunities.

Current Successful Technologies

Many carpet manufacturing companies have invested in carpet deconstruction and component processing plants. The following chart shows the broad diversity of reclaimed resources and targeted end-uses that these manufacturing operations produce.

carpet recycling process

Combining Successful Technologies

A coalition of the major carpet manufacturers and successful independent carpet recyclers, formed to contribute technologies to a New York City sited collection, sorting, deconstructing, purifying, and end-use manufacturing facility could represent a practical means of accelerating spent carpet recycling in the USA. 

Below is a schematic diagram of what such an operation might look like and include as contiguous manufacturing processes:

carpet recycling facility schematic

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