Global GreenGlobal Green USA’s Coalition for Resource Recovery

Overview of CoRR Programs

How We Work

CoRR’s programs close the loop on food packaging and food waste, and locally recover the energy in wasted food, powering the city with green energy. The following diagram depicts how we go about ransforming waste into assets, benefitting municipalities nationwide.

Our Programs

Food Packaging

Promote the recycling of paper cups and other foodservice packaging items that are commonly landfilled into valuable, high-quality products.

Wholesale Packaging

Pilot, document, and promote the use of 100% recyclable wholesale transfer packaging for produce, seafood, meats and poultry to replace unrecyclable and non-reusable shipping packaging.

Food Waste

Develop and pilot plans and systems for local, reliable, environmentally-sound, and economical commercial food waste recovery infrastructure that will provide energy and nutrient-rich soil to cities across the country.


Exponentially increase recycling of commercial carpet discarded through facilitating expansion of existing local recycling facilities, including the manufacture of products from carpet discards.

Beverage Containers

Increase beverage container recycling for manufacture into new products.

Grocery and Shopping Bags

Increase use of reusable bags and locally recoverable single-use bags when one is needed.