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Upcoming Events

October 13, 2016

Sustainability in Multi-Family Building Operations

Waste Diversion, Reporting and Tenant Engagement


Location: EPA Regional Conference Center

75 Hawthorne Street, #11

San Francisco, CA 94105


Event Flyer


May 31, 2016

Save at You Throw Webinar: Food Waste Diversion in Multi-Family Buidings

1:00-2:00 pm ET

May 1-15, 2016

Food waste donation pilot with a restaurant in midtown Manhttan. Food donations pick-ups are done nightly at 9:30 pm. To volunteer email us at

Past Events

April 13, 2016

1101 15th Street NW, 11th Floor

DC Environmental Network

Zero Waste Training on "Pay as You Throw"

Co-sponsored by DC Environmental Network, Green Cross International, Sierra Club and Global Green

February 24, 2016

Global Green USA Pre-Oscary Party

Featuring Stevie Wonder

November, 8 2015

Future of Food

With Chef and Author Dan Barber

and the cuisine of Blue Hill

October, 6 2015

Tour of Trenton Biogas

Trenton, NJ

August 3, 2015

Implementing the pLAn: Waste and Landfills A Forum Discussion with Zero-Waste Experts

March 31, 2015

Northeast Region Commercial Food Waste Webinar

March 26, 2015

San Francisco Bay Area Food Systems Tour

February 3, 2015

Grocer Cabbage Wholesale Box Trial

Moultrie,Georgia to St. Louis

June 18, 2014

CoRR Webinar on Waste Grease Recycling

March 15-18, 2014

Grocer Seafood Wholesale Box Trial

Boston, MA

December 12, 2013

Annual Food and Beverage NGO Convergence

Hosted by Global Green USA and Elemental Impact

Washington, DC

December 3, 2013

CoRR Member Tour of Action Environmental Group's new MRF

Compostable Bag Working Group Meeting

Sustainable Design Awards

New York, NY

November 14, 2013

CoRR Wholesale Packaging Members' Meeting

San Francisco, CA

October 16, 2013

CoRR Members' Webinar on BASF's Eco-Efficiency Analysis. To see the presentation click here.

May 15, 2013

CoRR Members' Webinar on Waste Management's waste tracking platform, Enspire Business Intelligence

April 16, 2013

CoRR Members' "Follow That Box" Tour

Belle Glade, FL

April 4, 2013

CoRR Paper Foodservice Packaging Conference

Washington, DC

December 3, 2012

CoRR Members' Meeting on Recyclable Wholesale Packaging

New York, NY

November 14, 2012

CoRR Members' Webinar on Packaging and Optical Sorting for Food Waste Recovery

Lise Kolberg, City of Oslo - Agency for Waste Management

November 7, 2012

CoRR Commercial Food Waste Recovery Conference

New York, NY

May 16, 2012

CoRR Members' Webinar on Nanocellulose

Chuck Klass, Klass Associates Inc.

May 5-8, 2012

Update on Piloting Recyclable Coated Produce Packaging

Lily Kelly, Global Green

National Restaurant Association Show

Chicago, IL

April 19, 2012

Santa Cruz , CA Recyclable Wholesale Produce Box Trial

Please click here to see the press release

April 17, 2012

Commercial Food Waste Recovery Options in New York City

Matt de la Houssaye, Global Green

BioCycle West Coast Conference

Portland, OR

Please click here to download the presentation

April 5, 2012

Post Use Optimization: Resource Recovery as a Key Component of Packaging Sustainability

Annie White, Global Green (panelist)

Sustainable Packaging Symposium

Houston TX

Please click here to download the presentation

March 20, 2012

Annie White, Global Green presented at Wall Street Green Summit

New York, NY

Please click here to download the presentation

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March 2, 2012

Green Growth & Resource Recovery:

The New Orleans Opportunity

A CoRR Conference
New Orleans, LA

Download conference flier

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Dec. 14, 2011

Lily Kelly Presents at Meeting of NGOs and Trade Associations Working on Sustainable Foodservice Packaging and Recovery
Washington, DC

Nov. 14 & 15, 2011

CoRR Conference on Recovery of Paper and Plastic Foodservice Packaging, Food Waste, and Wholesale Packaging
New York, NY


Full Conference Flier with Agenda

Food Waste Session Flier with Agenda

Food Packaging Session Flier with Agenda



November 14 , 2011

Global Green USA's 12th Annual Sustainable Design Awards

New York, NY


October 12, 2011

CoRR Member Tour to Peninsula Compost Facility
Wilmington, DE


October 12-13, 2011

Annie White presents at Paperboard Packaging Council meeting
Orlando, FL


September 21, 2011

Annie White presents at Foodservice Packaging Institute meeting
Denver, CO


July 26, 2011

Commercial Food Waste Recovery Conference

Lighthouse International
New York, NY

Meeting Flier

Meeting Agenda