Global GreenGlobal Green USA’s Coalition for Resource Recovery

Vision, Goals & Approach

The Coalition’s vision is to eliminate the concept of waste so that the waste from one activity is food for another, benefitting the economy, people, and the environment. Closing the loop on materials reduces resource loss, energy consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions which cause climate change.

Mission & Approach

The Coalition for Resource Recovery is dedicated to combating climate change generating business value through transforming waste into assets. CoRR’s activities include:

  • Conducting pilots and bringing successful models to scale
  • Evaluating environmental and financial performance of programs and technologies and disseminating objective, third-party reports of results
  • Apprising the public, city, and businesses of progress toward waste diversion, cost savings, and greenhouse gas reduction goals
  • Promoting effective technologies and programs

Resource Recovery and Sustainable Design

The Coalition is rooted in a holistic approach to sustainable design, recognizing the important role that design and procurement play in facilitating the recovery of high value materials. The philosophical underpinnings of the Coalition are aligned with and expressed in GreenBlue’s Sustainable Packaging Coalition’s definition of sustainable packaging.