Global GreenGlobal Green USA’s Coalition for Resource Recovery

A Coalition of Members

Member Benefits

Membership in the Coalition offers the following benefits:

  • Assistance in launching groundbreaking recycling programs that can be transferred to markets nationwide.
  • Third-party monitoring, evaluation, and promotion of program results
  • Opportunity to network with businesses throughout the supply chain
  • Promotion of participation in cutting-edge pilot programs
  • Opportunity to learn about emerging waste diversion technologies

Becoming a Coalition Member

Membership in the Coalition is open to any for-profit company or government agency who:

  • Has read the vision and mission of the Coalition and agrees with them in principle
  • Is willing to uphold the member guidelines & policies and anti-trust guidelines

At this time, we are not accepting applications from business leagues/associations or non-governmental organizations/not-for-profits. We recognize that associations & NGOs are an important resource and represent important interests in resource recovery. We are interested in forging relationships with associations and NGOs for our work on specific projects and encourage them to contact us regarding partnering on specific activities.

Member and Partner Testimonials

“Since joining Global Green’s Coalition for Resource Recovery, we have been inspired to think globally. We will continue to exemplify real corporate citizenship, to engage the community and our leaders, to offer growth opportunities for our people, and to promote recycling and the broader sustainability movement.”

- Ron Bergamini, Action Environmental Group

“It’s our goal to provide the best possible product, and to support our customers in all of their sustainability goals. We are excited to have worked with Global Green USA to assess some of the recyclable boxes available, and we hope to eventually be able to provide 100% recyclable packaging with all our products.”

- Ian Page, NAFCO

"We make sandwiches for a living; we are not experts in recycling. Global Green USA were incredibly helpful in assisting us with each step in the process and giving us a framework which we could follow to help move this forward. It was absolutely vital."

- Chris Gwilliam, Pret A Manger

Global Green is able to provide a unique contribution as a non-profit by building a platform for environmentally beneficial product and system design change with key stakeholders. Membership in CoRR provides invaluable networking, testing and product innovation needs. Through write ups, videos and awards CoRR has significantly pushed the marketplace in a more sustainable direction.

- Fred Wellons, Chemol

Membership Dues

The following represents membership dues:

Member Type Annual Operating Revenue Contribution Level
Corporations $1 billion or more $15,000
  $10 million to $1 billion $8,000
  Less than $10 million $3,000
Government Agencies $10 million or more $1,000
  Less than $10 million $500

Membership Payment

Membership payment can be made on-line below: